Our Maribyrnong Studio is now permanently closed.

During these unprecedented times and upon some deep reflection,
we have made the heartbreaking decision to permanently close our studio in Maribyrnong.


Although this was a hard decision for us, we are pleased that our studio locations are close enough together and our communities can join forces once restrictions ease.

Our BR Virtual platform will continue to provide you with daily classes until COVID-19 restrictions ease and we can resume offering classes at our happy hub in Keilor. 

To our incredible Maribyrnong community who have active passes and memberships,
we will be making this closure as seamless as possible for you.


Please see the below for more information.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time of change.

When will the Maribyrnong studio be closing?

Our Maribyrnong studio has been closed since midnight 29th June 2020 due to COVID-19 Victorian Governement restrictions. It will not re-open and is now permanently closed.

What happens to my active pass or membership?

All active passes or unused passes will automatically be valid for use at our Keilor studio location upon reopening. We will also be doubling the amount of time your pass is valid for to ensure you have ample time to use your pass in our Keilor studio. Eg. If your pass was valid for 3 months in our Maribyrnong studio, you now have 6 months to use the pass in our Keilor studio. Unfortunately all passes are non-refundable.

I live in Maribyrnong and don't want to attend the Keilor studio?

We totally understand the location may make it more difficult to attend your preferred classes. This is why we have extended the duration of every pass and can also provide a credit for your remaining balance to be used on any other BODYROK service or product. You may also use your credit to purchase a voucher for someone who may wish to attend our classes in Keilor. Unfortunately refunds are not available for any unused passes or credits.

Will the KEILOR studio be opening?

Yes! Our HQ in Keilor has been open for 9 years and will reopen once the COVID-19 restrictions ease in Victoria.

I have a Direct Debit Membership - can I cancel it?

If you have a direct debit membership and are still within contract, we will waive all cancellation fees. This will only apply to members who only use our Maribyrnong studio. If you had paid in advance or have any credits remaining, these can be used at our Keilor studio.

I have other questions...

Totally understandable! Simply email our team at and one of our team members will be able to help you.

What are you doing with the Reformers? I would love to buy one!

At this time, our reformers and other equipment are not for sale.

Can I have a refund for my unused passes?

All purchases are non-refundable. In this particular circumstance, we have offered to double the duration of your current pass to use at our Keilor location. Eg. If your pass is valid for 12 months, you will have 24 months to use it at our Keilor location. Our Keilor studio is only 15 minutes away from our Maribyrnong studio. We appreciate that this is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, the following options are also available: 1. Credit your account with the remaining balance so that you can use it on our Online classes, merchandise, products, other services such as personal training or gift vouchers. The credit will not expire. 2. Transfer your remaining credit to someone else who may wish to attend our Keilor studio. Requests for refunds will not be responded to during this time. Thank you for your understanding.


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