What you walk into

A luxe boutique studio with stunning Allegro 2 reformer beds and premium equipment, welcoming instructors and a fun but challenging class environment.

What you leave with

An all over body workout that challenges the mind and body.

What you become

Confident and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. 





A workout you’re going to fall in love with! Think full body dynamic workout with a focus on technique, strength and mobility.

Sometimes sweaty and sometime sweet.

Open to all levels.

Progressions and regressions are given in each class.

*Pregnancy friendly.




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Step onto your mat at home and feel the fire as you dominate new depths.  Get ready to work your glutes, core and arms in this intense class. Utilising props and body weight exercises in a specialised and interval based pilates class.


Suitable for all levels.

(Not pregnancy friendly)


If you want to build strength, this is the class for you! Different to our BURN class, this class is slower paced, but don’t let that fool you.

Utilising dumbbells and resistance bands to maximise muscle engagement, Pilates STRENGTH focuses on the most requested target areas: arms, glutes and core.

Suitable for all levels.

*Pregnancy friendly.


This ballet inspired, full body, core-centric class focuses on isolated core fitness exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements.


Suitable for all levels.

*Pregnancy friendly.




This High Intensity Interval based class is designed to increase your fitness fast. The workout is dedicated to the three most popular target areas and designed to melt stubborn belly fat and increase fitness in rapid time.

From beginners looking for low impact to athletes or sports teams looking to dramatically improve their performance.


Suitable for all levels.

(Not pregnancy friendly)


Get ready to sink into dreamy stretches on the mat. Improving your flexibility, mobility and connecting your mind and body as we flow from one stretch to the other reducing tension in those much needed areas.


Suitable for all levels.

*Pregnancy friendly.



45 Minute Express Session. This is an energetic and dynamic class with challenging postures that integrate a balance of strength and flexibility. BODYROK Power will challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you move, breathe, stretch and sweat in a vinyasa flow sequence. This class also focuses on building and engaging your core strength together with alignment for the ultimate workout.

Suitable for all levels.

(Not pregnancy friendly)


Looking for a way to stay active while you are pregnant?

Whether you are someone who loves staying active or you are newly pregnant and ready to get active with some form of fitness, Pilates might be just the ticket for you.


Prenatal exercise routines such as pregnancy pilates allow mothers to stay active during pregnancy and have tremendous benefits for both the mother and the child.


The following classes are pregnancy friendly:





In these classes, your instructor will safely modify all exercises to ensure you can continue to practice Pilates, Barre and Yoga throughout your pregnancy.

We recommend you chat to your doctor prior to joining in on our classes.

Upon arrival to class, please ensure you advise your instructor that you are pregnant and how far along you are in your pregnancy.