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General Studio FAQ

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  • To find out class times, please check out our timetable.

  • Please, if you are feeling unwell, stay home! We want to continue to protect our community and stay healthy.

What should I expect from a BODYROK Class?

Our signature classes offer a full body workout that fuses elements of cardio and strength training. You will feel toned, tight and fit with energy and vitality.

Do you have a special introductory offer?

Yes. We have our 5 or 10 pack Newbie Offer available to new clients, once only.

Check these out here.

Are your classes pregnancy friendly?

We offer some pregnancy friendly classes. Check out our classes page on our website which will list which classes are suitable and what is required to attend.

Check out our below FAQ on all things COVID-19 and the studio.


I’m a beginner, which class can I attend?

If you want to try Reformer Pilates, stick to OPEN classes for the first 2-3 classes before moving into our INTERMEDIATE classes. All of our mat classes are suitable for people at all levels with appropriate modifications available to help you ease into the class. At BODYROK, we’re a welcoming and inclusive bunch, so there’s always someone here to help.

How do I book my class?

We use the MINDBODY online booking system. All classes must be booked prior to coming to the studio. We do not accept drop in's. Book through our website or download our App. It’s always a good idea to book in advance as our classes can fill up quickly. Our timetable is open 30 days in advance.

My pricing option has the wrong expiry date. What do I do?

Simply send through an email to so we can look into it for you.

How many classes can I do in one day?

Most of our passes and memberships are limited to one class per day. You are always welcome to attend more than one but you will need an active pass that allows you to do this.

What if I’m late for class?

We have a strict policy of no sign-in after the scheduled start time, so if you arrive late, our door may be locked and you won’t be able to attend your chosen class. This rule is both for safety, and for the enjoyment and respect of all clients minimise disruption.

When and how far in advance can I book?

You can book your classes up to 14 days in advance of the current date. So each day, bookings will become available for the same day of the week, 14 days in advance. Some classes fill more quickly than others, so it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the bookings for each class, and book as far in advance as you can, to secure your place. We have recently reduced the amount of time you can schedule in advance to allow all clients to book in to their preferred classes.

What is your late cancellation policy?

BODYROK has a 12 hour cancellation window - a late cancel or no show in class within this 12 hr timeframe will result with a loss of session. Unlimited Members or those with unlimited passes will be charged a $20 cancellation fee within the 12 hr time frame or if they do not show.

When do I need to pay for my class or private session?

Payment is required at the time of booking.

Once I’ve booked my place, can I cancel it?

For Group classes, you can cancel your booking online up to 12 hours before the scheduled class start time. When you cancel your booking, your pass will be credited to your BODYROK account. The 12 hour cancellation limit allows us to offer your spot to another client. For Private Sessions: For private and 1:1 sessions, we require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your session. You can reschedule your own sessions online (Just login and go to the My Info tab, where you can view and cancel your upcoming booked sessions).

What happens if I miss the class I’ve booked for?

When you book your place in class, we’ll hold that place for you, and potentially turn away other clients from the class, so out of respect for others, it’s important that you only book for classes you can definitely attend. When you miss a class that you’ve booked for, unfortunately your pass will be deducted in accordance with our no-show and late cancellation policy or a fee will be charged for those on an unlimited pass.

How long will you hold my booked place?

We’ll hold your booked place up until the start of class. Standby clients may take your place if you do not arrive on time.

How can I check which classes I have booked?

Just login in the top right corner of the screen, and go to the My Info tab, then go to “My Bookings and Waitlists” to look at all your scheduled classes and appointments.

Can I put myself on the waitlist?

Yes! If a class is fully booked, you can waitlist a place for yourself. If a place becomes available in the class and you’re next on the waitlist, you’ll automatically be added to the class. At this time a credit will be deducted from your account, and we’ll send you an email to the email address you have registered in your profile, to let you know you’re booked into the class. Yay! You can move from the wait list up to 1 hour before class so if you can no longer make it, cancel yourself off the wait list as soon as possible.

What if I put myself on the waitlist, and I get into the class but I miss the class?

When you put yourself on the waitlist for a class, you “provisionally” book yourself into that class, so if you get onto the class list, and you miss the class, it’s just as if you booked a place in the class and don’t show. Our non attendance and late cancellation policy will still apply. Waitlisting for early morning classes: If you waitlist yourself for an early morning class, you may want to check your emails before you go to bed, and again in the morning, early enough that you can make it to class on time! If you aren’t able to access your emails in the morning, in time to make it to class, we recommend you don’t waitlist yourself overnight. You can cancel waitlist just like a regularly booked class, by clicking through to My Info tab and then going to “My Bookings and Waitlists”.

What if my class is cancelled?

In the unlikely event BODYROK cancels a class, we notify you straight away to give you as much notice as possible. The class will be placed back into your account regardless of the notice or circumstances.

Are your classes pregnancy friendly?

The following classes are pregnancy friendly. OPEN REFORMER BARRE SCULPT YIN YOGA BOOTY BURN Your trainer will be able to give you modifications where needed so that you can practice safely. To book into one of these classes, use our booking system and email a clearance letter to before your first class. It is always important to let your instructor know how far along you are in your pregnancy at the beginning of each class.

Can I still access BODYROK On-Demand Library once the studio is open?

Yes! We will continue to upload new classes and videos on our On-Demand library once we reopen. This will be another option to continue your workouts when you can't be at the studio. To get access to our on-demand library, click here.

How old do you have to be to attend group classes?

Our classes are suitable for ages 16 years + If you would like to attend classes and you are younger than 16 years, you must be accompanied by a guardian/parent throughout the whole class. Private sessions are available for all ages.


What hygiene measures do you have in place to help with COVID safety?

Our studio is large which allow us to have excessive space between Reformers and Mats allowing social distancing requirements to be met. We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers as you enter the premises and in the studio. Touch points around the studio, equipment and props are sanitised throughout the day and we have disinfectant wipes available for personal cleaning of your equipment prior to class for peace of mind. Professional cleaners are also employed for deep cleaning. For more details and full list of measures in place check out the Covid Hygiene page here.

What time should I arrive prior to class?

We ask that you arrive no more than 5 mins prior to class to give the previous class time to leave the studio and grab their belongings.

What happens if I book into a class and become unwell or have any Covid or Flu symptoms?

Our cancellation window is 12 hours. We ask if you have booked into a morning class and are not feeling well or have concerns before you go to bed to cancel out of the class then, as you will have missed the opportunity to do so otherwise. Due to the number restrictions it is now more important the cancellation policy is followed allowing others the opportunity to participate in classes. Please stay away from the studio and cancel your classes if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has.

What is your current cancellation policy?

You have up to 12 hours prior to the start time of your class to cancel and avoid paying for the class you booked. Your class is automatically placed back into your account for next time if you cancel earlier than the 12 hour window. Any cancellations within the 12 hour window are automatically taken from your account or a cancellation fee is charged. Please note, cancellations can only be done via your BODYROK App or your BODYROK Mindbody account - we do not accept cancellations via social media, text, voicemail or email.

Will the props and equipment still be used in class?

Some equipment may be used during classes if it is easy to clean and sterilise. Unfortunately some props will not be available. We encourage you to bring your own equipment in if you wish. This can include your own bolsters, yoga straps, dumbbells, resistance bands or magic circles.

How many people are in each class?

Due to the current Victorian Government restrictions we have a limit of 10 people per class in our Reformer room. There are 12 spots in our Mat classes but our Barre classes are limited to 8 people for now.

Do I have to wear grip socks during class?

It is now a requirement that socks in all classes for that extra layer of cleanliness. Grip socks are recommend but not a requirement. Any socks will do.

What do I need to bring into my class?

Reformer Classes: - Socks (grip socks are preferred) - Hand towel - Water Bottle Mat Classes: - Socks (grip socks are preferred) - Mat (Highly recommended) or a large bath towel - Hand Towel - Water Bottle

BYO Sweat Towel

It is now compulsory for all members to bring their own sweat towel to the studio. Our Trainers will be monitoring this in every class.

BYO Pre-filled Water Bottle

Our water taps will be temporarily closed in the studio. Please make sure you bring your own pre-filled water bottle to class.

Wiping Reformer, Mat & equipment after every class

As always, we will continue to distribute antibacterial wipes at the end of every class. These wipes are specially formulated with a disinfectant that stops virus, bacteria and germs in their tracks, helping to prevent the spread of colds, flu, and other contagious infections in our studio and have been tested against Coronovirus. We will be encouraging all clients to thoroughly wipe down their reformer bed (including foot-bar, shoulder pads, head-rest, straps, carriage and platform), dumbbells, poles, ring, ball, mats and box after every class.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

Trainers will be wiping down all high touch areas including doors, shoe rack and taps regularly throughout the day. As mentioned, we will also have deep cleaning of the studio each day.

If a trainer or member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will temporarily close the studio

We will deploy our response plan by arranging a professional disinfection and sterilisation of the studio. Credits will be issued for any classes that have to be cancelled. Clients will be contacted when bookings re-open. We will be following the advice given by the Government to notify any affected clients where required. Please follow the following government recommendations at

Do I need to wear a mask during class?

No. They are not required to be worn while you are exercising.